Saturday, January 29, 2011

Album Art Grabber


You can buy the Album Art Grabber for Android from Paypal now with the button above. The price is still £1.19. Please send me an email to with your Google Account after you bought it, I will send you the installation file and the following updates. The installation file will normally be sent out within 24 hours after receiving the payment and the Google account address. Thanks!

Extremely easy to use, with one click, the Album Art Grabber can automatically find and fix the missing album art for your music albums. You can also browse and change the album art if you don't like the current one, it's simple.

Unlike the other album finders on the market, the Album Art Grabber is seamlessly integrated into the system. The art grabbed will be automatically set for the other applications to use.

The Album Art Grabber can provide a list of alternatives from the internet, and also you can change the album cover art just using images from your SD card. So basically, any image you like!

Currently the Android Album Art Grabber is in version 1.1.5, this is the new feature's screen shot:


The main features of Album Art Grabber are:

  • Automatically grab all of the missing album art, with one click.

  • Store the album art grabbed into the exactly same position as the system, which is in the SD card. So it can be used by the other applications.

  • Browse and change the album art if you think the current one is not right. The alternatives are automatically retrieved from the internet.

  • Select a image from the SD card, and set it as album art to a specific album.

And the upcoming features:

  • Manual search using the album name and artist name, you can change the search criteria to find the excat art you like.

  • The wrongly tagged albums will be supported and can be changed.

  • More accurate art match for auto grabbing arts.

You can find more screen shot from this link

Here are all the news of Album Art Grabber

Also there is a interesting review by Nick review from HTC resource .

album art grabber

The current bug list:

1. Some people got crashes when trying to use the "Grab art from SD card" option. This is caused by some other 3rd party soft wares running in the background who eat too much memory of the system.

To solve this, the current work around is to close some 3rd party running applications or do a fresh restart of the phone. Then you will be good to go.


  1. Hi there, I've tried to send an email to which has failed. I'm trying to contact someone regarding the Album Art Grabber & can't find contact details anywhere. Could you let me know the contact email. Thanks! Mary

  2. I want my money back! I tryed to buy it, it billed me, but i can't download the app anyway...i keep trying even by the market site but no i can't be refunded...

    google account:

  3. I have downloaded this app for a XOOM. It doesn't work and force closes every time it is run. I tried to get a refund within 15 minutes but this want given. Can you please contact me to arrange return payment.

  4. It doesn't work I would like a refund please.

  5. This app crashes continously and although I was well within the 15 minute refund period, it refused to refund me. Furthermore, the email support is invalid and keeps rejecting my attempted messages. Refund please.

  6. I have had this app for over a year and it worked fine up until a few months ago. Please fix or refund my money.

  7. You seem to have an issue communicating with your customers. I have notified Google of your irresponsible behavior as a developer and your unwillingness to troubleshoot or respond.

  8. Do not buy this app developer stopped doing updating and it doesn't work anymore

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